A professional bar & restaurant operator understands that no two customers are alike. Whether its individuals or couples, gourmets or people with simple tastes, each and every patron has needs, passions and preferences.

Our artisanal beers are the joy of bar & restaurant owners. In the hospitality environment, confidence is everything. We will put your mind at ease by giving you the best product for every individual and every occasion.

Whether it’s a balanced & full-bodied IPA or an easy-drinking pale ale or pilsner, whether there’s a preference for low bitterness, or whether it’s the first taste of a craft beer,
understands the need and the opportunity.
Let us help you to serve and surprise your customers.

We will taste and select with you, design your beer menu for you and insure that your chosen selection of beers is always in stock. Here are a few more things you can expect from us.

Award-winning beers with inspiring stories of people with passion

All of our beers are produced by independent brewers

All ingredients are natural. No preservatives in any of our beers

Our beer is fresh and is delivered cold and ready to serve

We deliver 7 days a week (in major cities) on the day you place your order

We deliver 6 days a week (in the provinces) on the day after you place your order